6 Factors that can Punch up Response through Fresh Address-Change Mailing Lists

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A new location—home or office— demands new purchases

From draperies to carpeting, and from banking accounts to telephone lines, new work or living space requires acquisition of new products and services, Santa Barbara marketing consultant David Avrick advises.

Marital split-ups create two households out of one

When spouses part company—and half of U.S. marriages now break up eventually— at least one of them needs a new place to live, and things to fill it up.

Big moves make for new buying habits

When a person relocates, old buying behaviors weaken—and often change, making the individual acquisitive for new and different products, and eager for new suppliers.

New movers need to make fresh connections

“People prefer the familiar to the unfamiliar,” David Avrick notes. “If given an opportunity, people will surround themselves with sameness. The catalog that was previously uninteresting now represents familiarity” in new surroundings. When you receive mailings at a new address, he adds, you feel connected once again.

New address = new needs

Newlywed households are especially likely to change former purchasing patterns. Brides may be ripe to subscribe to GOURMET magazine, for example. And a recently promoted manager might subscribe to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL or other business publications.

Less distracting clutter

Little commercial mail arrives at new addresses. And a less-crowded mailbox spells less competition for the recipient’s attention—so a higher probability of the mail’s being read. Advertisers can rent millions of new-mover names and addresses on a 30-day hotline basis. “If you have not tested change-of- address/new-move names, you are possibly missing a great opportunity,” Mr. Avrick advises.

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