The Castle Press now offers CD and DVD reproduction services. Full service data imprinting plus full color printing directly on the disk, not labels. Receive your order in as little as 48 hours.

Combined services

Call 800-794-0858 to inquire about special combo pricing when you print your disk sleeve, jacket, digipak or disk wallet with us. You'll save time and money when you print with Castle Press.

Design services

Let Castle Press design your disc imprint and mailing materials. Call today for a free consultation.

Upload your files direct

Save time when you upload your files directly to our secure server. Call for your password: 800-794-0858


DVD pricing:

10-24$3.49 each
25-49$3.29 each
50-99$2.99 each
100-499$2.29 each
500-999$1.89 each
1000-1999$1.59 each
2000 or more$1.29 each

CD pricing:

10-24$2.49 each
25-49$2.29 each
50-99$1.99 each
100-499$1.69 each
500-999$1.49 each
1000-1999$1.19 each
2000 or more$ .99 each

Additional items for your consideration

Rubber button attachment

This rubber button allows you to attach your CD to other marketing material such as booklets or mailers. CD Buttons w/3M Brand Adhesive. Our CD Buttons are made from Poron Foam and coated with 3M Acrylic Adhesive. Supplied score die on rolls, waste removed. Available in black or white.



10-24$.15 each
25-49$.15 each
50-99$.15 each
100-499$.15 each
500-999$.15 each
1000-1999$.15 each
2000 or more$.10 each

Crystal plastic jewel case

Hard plastic cases that allow you to mail and store compact discs. Super clear front makes for the perfect display of your printed CD. This specially designed case is designed to hold additional literature in front and back. Available in black.



10-24$.65 each
25-49$.60 each
50-99$.55 each
100-499$.50 each
500-999$.45 each
1000-1999$.40 each
2000 or more$.35 each

Blank mailing envelope

This inexpensive envelope made of heavy White card paper is the perfect way to store or mail your CD. The envelope style flap inserts into a die cut slit that secures the CD but allows for reopening and closing. For mail simply place a piece of tape or sticker (not included). Available in white.



10-24$.40 each
25-49$.40 each
50-99$.38 each
100-499$.35 each
500-999$.30 each
1000-1999$.28 each
2000 or more$.25 each

Printed mailing envelope

Turn your blank mailing envelope into a marketing piece. Your design will attract attention because it is printed in full color with a protective sealing varnish. Provide a print optimized PDF using our die line template.



10-24$.00 each
25-49$.00 each
50-99$.00 each
100-499$.00 each
500-999$.00 each
1000-1999$.00 each
2000 or more$.00 each/td>