Ecology-Friendly Printing - Year End Savings by Castle Press

Castle Press Recycling Results for 2015


240,280 pounds of paper recycled

3,158 pounds of aluminum recycled

73.75% of paper purchased was manufactured in USA.

40.32% of total paper purchased was at least 10% recycled.

86.33% of all paper purchased in 2015 was FSC® Certified.

3,854 pounds of 100% vegetable oil ink used (Manufactured in USA)

paper stacksAdditional savings by using USA manufactured paper:

A reduction of carbon emissions by 75,907 lbs. compared to using paper purchased from Asia.

Additional savings resulting from using recycled paper:

Gallons of water saved - 128,178

BTUs of energy saved - 213,734,470

Reduction of solid waste - 14,182

Reduction of carbon emissions - 27,924

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