Who We Are

Castle Press serves the printing needs of organizations in many industries. Founded in 1931 as a printer of fine limited-edition books, it has grown into a commercial printing company widely recognized for the meticulous attention it devotes to the quality of its products—and for the flexibility and speed its leading-edge technologies allow.

Located in Anaheim, California, Castle Press is your one-stop printer with marketing ideas, design, printing, bindery, mailing and order fulfillment. Your printing project will be done right and on-time.

Castle Press is a Single Source Supplier

Castle Press is a full service printing and communications company. The plant operates 6-days a week providing customers a wide range of services and communication products. Each client company has their own consultant and customer service representative.

Production services at Castle Press:

Personalized direct mail appeals

These typically include a personalized letter, informational brochure, and a reply device. We match the mailing envelope to the letters, and double check for accuracy.

Regulatory compliant printing

We are an experienced printer for medical device, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. We adhere to the laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to your specific IFU, DFU or PID. Click HERE for details.

Brochures, booklets and catalogs

These are informational items typically about a specific department or program, annual reports, listing of classes, or a regular publication.

Bindery services

Bindery services include saddle stitching, perfect binding, die-cutting, foil stamping and embossing. We can insert, address, and apply stamps for pieces that mail. We have a buckle folder that can accommodate a 28 x 40 sheet size.

Finishing services

In addition to the bindery equipment, we offer a myriad of custom hand services for those jobs that take extra finesse, like collating inserts into a pocket folder, assembling a 3-ring binder, shrink wrapping, and individually boxing commemorative items.

Lettershop and mailing services

Letters are a common way to communicate with constituents to inform them of news and opportunities. Full-color variable data printing on our digital press helps your appeal get people's attention. All mailing lists are checked against the National Change of Address Service to reduce mailings to bad addresses. A proof of the address block is provided and we require clients to sign off on this proof before mailing. We offer letter matching services and hand insertion for jobs that need special finesse. Castle Press is very adept at preparing the mailings by abiding by USPS bundling and palletizing the mailing items, as well as presorting mail into trays.

Mail list development

Mailing lists are developed based on demographic or psychographic criteria. Client house customer lists can be profiled to determine best target markets. When both house and purchased lists are combined, duplicate names are removed and addresses are checked for mail deliverability.

Online Company Store ordering systems

An online Company Store reduces the cost of acquisition, cost of product, and turn around time, while maintaining your organization’s established graphic standards. Castle Press Web Development Department prepares a secure web site that hosts your required templates. Members of your organization can register and login. Items are selected, information is input and an online proof is prepared, approved, and orders are placed. This is accomplished in just a few minutes and without having to leave your desk. Costs are reduced because of standardized products. Templates are developed to handle different information requirements. Templates, once approved, eliminate cost of redesign. Information is input and a proof is created. If there is a mistake, a correction can immediately be made and a new proof created, all online.

Printing costs are reduced because orders are combined for greater efficiency through automated processes, which eliminate unneeded production steps. Production turnaround time is reduced because of planned batched processing. Each Company Store has a specific order cutoff and printing day of the week. Approval of the order can require a supervisor approval. Payment can be made using a credit card or a required purchase order.

Castle Press develops and maintains all of the Company Stores that we host. The advantage is that costs are low and response to questions is immediate. If there is a question, your internal client can call the Castle Press person handling your company store.

File transfer

The file transfer upload link page allows you to easily upload through your browser. We can also arrange with you for files to be uploaded using FTP.

Go Green

The Go Green link is very important to Castle Press, as we are continually striving to reduce printing’s impact on the environment. We want to share our efforts with you, and help you green your projects. We have a list of FSC® recycled papers that are readily available.

Mailing lists

Castle Press can obtain mailing lists based on demographics, geographic region, lifestyle, purchasing behavior, business size, or SIC code. The lists range in size from a small highly targeted mailing, to a broader scope. Your list preferences are dependent upon the mailing project’s objectives.

Additional online services

We have links to standard specifications for stationery and envelopes, postal rates and state postal abbreviations, as well as marketing, printing and design tips. We also offer free, downloadable templates and storyboards for brochures, postcards, newsletters and more.

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