6 Ways a Newsletter can Help you Develop and Retain Customers

newsletter in mailbox

A newsletter will keep your name in front of your customers.

“Out of mind means lost sales. But a newsletter filled with interesting, helpful, cutting-edge information will be read and gives you presence even when you are not face-to-face with customers and prospects.

A newsletter nudges your customer to think of you when a product need arises.

Through repetition, a newsletter reaches your entire market at the same time—and even, because of its content, uncovers new potential customers inside an organization.

A newsletter enhances your personal and corporate believability.

It can set your brand apart from its competitors by sharing your company’s expertise—which gives your customers a timely reason not to consider price their sole reason to place orders with you.

A newsletter can transform your company’s reputation as a resource.

A negative image always deters sales. Improving such perceptions takes time—but that’s a job that a repetitive newsletter is well fitted to do.

A newsletter draws customers to you.

It reverses the usual situation, in which you are forced to find customers. It helps customers find you.

A newsletter is a cheaper contact than a personal sales call.

McGraw-Hill, SALES & MARKETING MANAGEMENT magazine, and other authorities estimate that, all expenses taken into account, each personal sales call costs up to $400. And that it takes up to eight calls to clinch an order.

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