Setting up a Folded Brochure

One of the first things to think about when creating a brochure is how it will fold.

A few of the more common folds are roll fold, accordion fold and gate fold. Depending on the fold you have decided on using is how each of the panels is to be set up.

An accordion fold is one of the easiest because all of the panels are the same size because of the zig-zag.

The roll and gate folds fold in on each other. To make the brochure as flat as possible some panels must be shorter. How much shorter depends on the stock to be used for your project. In our examples we will build an 8.5x14 document and show you the sizes for each of the panels.

brochure folds


Roll Fold consists of four or more panels that roll in on each other from the right.

Accordion Fold consists of three or more panels that zig-zag back and forth.

Gate Fold is a symmetrical fold consisting of two opposing fold-in panels.

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