10 Ways Lift Letters Boost Response

A lift letter or note is a second, small communication inserted into a direct-mail package along with a multi-page sales letter and intended to increase response. But what do you put in a lift note to hype replies best? Consultant John Forde suggests 10 possible alternatives:

  • A counterargument against a critical objection

    If experience tells you that many sales prospects think your offer is too good to be true, for example, use a lift note to burn in your guarantee of satisfaction.

  • A test of an alternative headline

    It is a rare offer that can be expressed by only one headline. Take advantage of a lift note to communicate a second line.

  • An extra testimonial

    Devote a lift note—signed by a happy third party—to an especially strong testimonial.

  • An endorsement from a celebrity or authority

  • A stress on an offer deadline

  • A repeat of the key aspect of your offer

    Could be a discount, a premium, a guarantee, or a reward for an early reply.

  • Add credibility

    Print your lift note on an executive letterhead, for instance. Refresh your message’s news appeal

    For example, your lift note could refer to events that occurred since the initial main mailing was written.

  • Underscore your offer’s Unique Selling Proposition and Benefits

    Tell your prospects succinctly what your product or service can do that no competitive offer can accomplish.

  • Emphasize your track record and other credentials

  • Do not brag and boast. But do not hide your light under a basket.

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