State of California Certified Printer of Controlled Substance Forms

California State Board of Pharmacy logo The Castle Press is a Certified Printer of Controlled Substance Forms. These forms are sold through the Castle Press Company Store and can be viewed at

California law requires prescribers of any Schedule II through V controlled substance to obtain and use new tamper-resistant prescription forms ordered only from state-approved security printers. The new tamper-resistant forms replaced triplicate prescription forms in 2005.

Effective January 1, 2006, vendors seeking to become state-approved printers of controlled substances prescription forms must apply with the California Department of Justice using application forms on the Attorney General’s website. The California State Board of Pharmacy no longer administers applications for security prescription vendors.

Applicants generally are screened for prior criminal history and the adequacy of policies and procedures to ensure that prescription forms are only produced and distributed to appropriately licensed practitioners. Security printers must have a means for confirming the licensure and prescribing privileges for any person requesting controlled substance prescription forms.