Steps to Cost-Effective Personalized Mail

Choose laser-compatible paper stocks

Uncoated offset stocks from 50 pound to 9 point usually work well. — If using a coated stock, use a dull or matte sheet between 7 and 9 points thick. — Do not use glossy papers.

Check your paper grain

Sheets less than 10" wide are best produced grain-long. Wider sheets should be produced grain-short.

Plan your project

Careful copy and graphics placement can allow you to produce all versions of your mailing in a single print run, mail-sorted and otherwise eligible for postage discounts.

Use standard-size addressing windows

Windows measuring 1-1/8" high by 4-1/2" wide minimize up, down, left, or right address shifting once your project is in the mailstream. Check out a full-size dummy first!

Check your list twice a year— or more often

Ask your printer to match your house file, membership roster, or other lists against the latest National Change Of Address (NCOA) file.

Audit your rented lists

Audit reports help you spot and correct garbled or missing prefixes, names, and addresses.

Take full advantage of USPS discounts

If you are mailing 8,000 or more pieces to a given geographical area, you may be eligible for postal discounts.

Print laser-personalized newsletters or other multi-page documents

They are highly productive response generators.

Use Planet Codes

Adding a Planet Code to a few pieces of mail per tray or Zip code helps you track delivery and response dates.

Make your variable text relevant to your recipient

Use individual buying histories and preferences, donation records, purchase dates, and other data to boost response much higher than mere name-and-address information.

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