Static Mailings Compared to Personalized Variable Data

In a series of tests by Broudy and Romano a comparison was made using a variety of variables in a mailing. These were the variables:

  • Static promotion – with no personalization using black and white.

  • Name-only personalization – including the person’s name using black and white.

  • Static promotion – in full color.

  • Name only personalization – in full color.

  • Dynamic promotion with data base connection. Included some reflection of the person’s buying patterns – in black and white.

  • Version 5 – in full color.

  • Version 1 with a discount coupon – static promotion – in black and white.

  • Version 5 with a discount coupon – dynamic promotion with database connection – black and white.

  • Version 6 with a discount coupon with database connection – using information about buying patterns and reflecting some aspect of the individual’s purchasing history – in full color.

A. Business books and videos A database contained information on purchasers of business publications and videos. The static version had a variety of products. The dynamic version had incorporated product on one of three categories: marketing, management, and finance based on previous purchases.

bar graph of static mail vs. personalization

B. Phone Services A database contained data on cellular phone expenditures. The objective of the marketing program was to convert users to a different plan. The static version had sample rates. The dynamic version used rates based on the recipient’s actual usage.

bar graph of static mail vs. personalization

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