Email Marketing

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Email is the workhorse of personalized Internet marketing. It can be used as your primary marketing channel or as a followup to printed material.

Email marketing can be used for advertising products and services, reminding customers of your business, or soliciting sales or donations. It is much less expensive than direct mail campaigns, due to the high cost and time required in a direct mail campaign to create and mail printed materials.

Email marketing can be done with purchased lists or lists compiled from your current customer database.

Be sure to research your country's anti-spam regulations (if applicable), and be sure to let recipients "opt-out" from receiving future emails if they wish. Australia, Canada, the European Union and the U.S. all have differing regulations regarding email marketing.


With Intelligent Mail Barcode tracking, email delivery dates can be coordinated with mail delivery dates to reinforce each other. Email is also used after prospects respond to reinforce the message.

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