Pat Friesen’s 10 Low-Cost Ways to Lift Direct-Mail Response

  • Use the word “FREE” on your outer-envelope headline

    Check out FTC rules first.

  • Set your headlines in quotation marks

    Quotes can boost readership up to 28%, Ms. Friesen says.

  • State a time limit for your offer

    It adds a sense of urgency, overcomes inertia, and increases response.

  • Guarantee satisfaction

    Nat G. Bodian observes in DIRECT MARKETING RULES OF THUMB, “A strong guarantee will increase sales far in excess of the small number of buyers who ultimately may take advantage of it.”

  • Stress one major benefit that separates you from your competitors

    “You can never sell two things at once,” wrote direct-mail legend Richard Benson in SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL DIRECT MAIL

  • Slant your copy toward the 20% of your customers who produce 80% of your sales

    They are likeliest to respond to your offer.

  • Make it easy for your readers to respond

    On your reply device, print as much name, address, and other information as you can. And feature your Web address and toll-free phone number on every piece of your mailing.

  • Give your audience the widest possible choice of ways to respond

    For instance, phone, mail, fax, Internet.

  • Specify the payment methods you accept

    For example, purchase orders, checks, money orders, credit cards by name.

  • Include a reply envelope when you ask your reader for payment or confidential information

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