Mailing Tips

order custom envelopes
  • Design your piece for mail automation discounts

  • Include Return Service Requested on the face of the mailer

  • Ask for a paper dummy (free), and weigh it to confirm it is under one ounce

  • Keep size of mailer within standard limits to avoid extra postage

  • Get post office approval of design with a signature

  • Standard (bulk rate) postage is 28.78% less than first class, but has longer delivery time

  • The weight of the piece cannot exceed 16 ounces for standard (bulk rate)

  • Use a Castle Press permit at no charge

  • The minimum number of pieces mailed standard (bulk rate) is 200

  • A postcard is an economical piece at 4-1/4 x 6 inches

  • The first class postcard rate is less expensive than standard (bulk rate). You could print a six-part marketing program of postcards at one time and mail one every 6-8 weeks.

  • Do your mail drops on Monday

  • Click here for USPS postage rates

Mailing List / Database

The most important part of a direct marketing program is your mailing list

Your mailing list is gold! An incorrect name wastes not only the postage but the cost of printing the piece. Make one person responsible for list maintenance. Collect data so that it can be sorted for mailing and other marketing purposes.

Update your data—incorrect names and duplications waste postage

Collect data so it can be used for variable data marketing

Additional mailing lists may be purchased for various groups

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