Castle Press and Forest Stewardship

FSC® promotional panelCastle Press is an FSC®-certified printer. FSC®-certified paper originates from well-managed forests. Certification allows use of the FSC® logo by our customers as well.

The Forest Stewardship Council® is considered one of the leading voices in promoting responsible forest management, worldwide. FSC® sets high standards to ensure forestry is practiced in an ethical way.

In order to use the FSC® logo as an "environmental claim" on paper, the product must have flowed through the FSC® "chain-of-custody" from the FSC®-certified forest, to a paper manufacturer, merchant, and finally printer who have FSC® chain-of-custody certification.

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information about FSC®-certified printing and how it can work for you! We offer a wide variety of options for FSC®-certified printing.

Click here for more information about FSC® certified and recycled paper.

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