Matthew Samp’s 8 Ways to Generate More Leads from Direct Mail

Leave your reader thirsting to know more

You cannot say too much in a mailing aimed at selling a product or service. That’s why long copy works best when you want to trigger an order. However, says mail expert Matthew Samp, you must never tell all in a lead-generation piece. That serves only to depress response, because exhaustive information can make your reader think that he knows all about what you are advertising—so does not need to reply to your mailing.

A simple letter and reply device—with no brochure—usually will do the trick in lead generation, Samp says.

Use an envelope package

Samp advises that a well-crafted envelope mailing will out-pull a self-mailer by four to one—or more—in lead generation. In that case, your cost per inquiry may more than justify the extra cost of an envelope.

Personalize your copy

If you can afford it, Samp says, computer personalization will generate more lead responses than a canned “form” letter.

Minimize risk anxiety

“A lead package is an ‘opener,’ not a ‘closer,’” according to Samp. Stress that the recipient who responds will receive free information, with no risk or obligation.

Set a deadline

In Samp’s experience, a mailing that establishes a deadline for replies will produce more leads than an open-ended offer.

A deadline adds response urgency to a lead-generation mailing.

Provide business-reply postage

You pay the USPS for every response. “It’s well worth it,” Samp says.

Include both a reply device and a phone number

Samp says that research shows that potentially you can double response by providing a reply card or some other written response device. “Some people just don’t like to call for fear of being accosted by a salesman over the phone,” he says.

Close with a kicker

Offer an extra reward in exchange for an immediate response.

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