14 Ways to Make your Trade Show Exhibit Sales-Effective

Before the show...

trade show
  • Make sure your exhibit team knows what your objectives and benefits are

  • Set up a lead-gathering and handling system

  • Let your best customers know your booth location. Ideas: Provide maps on the show floor, with your booth highlighted; supply customers with pre-addressed cartons they can use to ship samples and literature back to their offices, instead of lugging them in an overstuffed suitcase.

  • Sit down with your printer and order an adequate supply of up-to-date business cards...materials to pass out at the show... samples you plan to distribute...post-show fulfillment matter Ideas: Third-party testimonials about your products or services make excellent show handouts; your fulfillment materials should be on your prospect’s desk the day after he or she returns to the office from the show

During the show...

  • Meet with all members of your show team once a day to review hitches and accomplishments

  • Daily, mail business cards from show attendees back to your office for database entry

  • Attend the show’s educational seminars — they’re a great place to meet sales prospects — and take notes on the questions people are asking

  • Meet with customers and hot prospects off the show floor and outside of exhibition hours, when you can enjoy their undivided attention.

After the show...

  • Rush fulfillment materials to all names on your show database.
    Idea: Your printing company can deliver post-show materials, and issue proof-of-fulfillment documents to you, without adding to your staff ’s workload. You just supply up-to-date database files.

  • Copy the show leads you have generated to your sales staff and distributors

  • Follow up every booth visitor with a phone call or, at least, a brief note. Imperative: Ask to meet, so you can provide your contact with detailed information on products of special interest.

  • Share samples collected from other exhibitors with your employees

  • Prioritize ideas, product information, and notes garnered from the show...assign follow-up to specific staff members...file information

  • Critique the show with all members of your exhibit staff and share your opinions with your management.

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