11 P.S. Techniques Proven to Boost Response by up to 300%

Writing in “Copywriter’s Digest,” consultant Mike Jezek revealed 11 often-neglected postscript techniques that can lift mail response by up to 300% (postscripts are read more than any other element in a letter except for the headline):

Restate your offer

Never shy away from a final opportunity to burn in your offer—especially since many sales prospects do not read body copy carefully.

Stress the guarantee

Repeating your guarantee in telegraphic language bolsters customer confidence and can pull many extra replies.

Describe freebies and promptness bonuses

Use your P.S. to give readers a final reason to respond.

Is a purchase tax-deductible? Say so!

Use this technique to give your prospect a “government-approved” reason to spend money.

Add a new benefit to your proposition

Offer a special low price in exchange for an immediate reply, for instance.

Burn in a price advantage

Does your product cost less than your competitor’s? Will you pay postage and processing fees?

Restate your U.S.P.

What can your product do that no other product will do? Four lines in a P.S. may create a powerful final impression.

Briefly summarize your letter

Do not assume that your reader is paying rapt attention to your mailing.

Use testimonials, endorsements

Be terse…identify your sources…and do not exaggerate.

Urge immediate action

All successful salespeople ask for the order.

Test alternative approaches

Never depend on your own taste, which can reflect wishful thinking—which costs.

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