QR - Why is This a Game Changer?

  • As smartphone adoption rises and companies embrace the technology, QR codes are becoming more of a mainstream product for business, products and brands.

  • QR codes allow small businesses to add an online and mobile presence with an affordable solution.

  • QR codes encourage users to engage with brands after a purchase as much as before a purchase.

  • Brands are increasingly using QR codes to bolster consumer interaction and improve existing campaign elements (Calvin Klein, AT & T, Universal Pictures).

  • We live in a content-driven world, people have zero patience when getting the information they want- QR codes are instant.

  • For the customers it’s interesting because it is completely an opt-in activity. Anyone who takes part in it has decided they want to know more or get something. If only 2-3% opt in, they are very qualified and they went out of their way to snap a picture of your QR code.

  • It is a way for direct mail to be able to enhance a sales message and to turn a static piece of print material into a richer media experience.

  • A QR code is a very powerful tool because it increases the value of the printed piece while using very little space, and can extend the marketing life of the piece.

  • QR codes are viral and can facilitate and encourage people to pass along a marketing message that can be easily forwarded to others via their smartphone.

  • They turn passive readers into active participants through the use of online surveys, contests, coupons, making purchases, listening to audio or watching video.

  • They can be tracked and the resulting data can be analyzed across an entire campaign.

  • Marketers, retailers and companies of all sizes are using QR codes to advertise, engage their customers and sell their products.

  • QR codes are free but what costs money is the technology behind what the code does, and the time it takes to develop that technology, creative design for a landing site, optimizing for the mobile view for different smartphones, tracking your data, or just helping to come up with the strategy of what you want the experience to be.

  • There are many examples of projects that use QR codes-some good and some bad. Some bad examples:

    1. Realtor that goes to a company website that is not mobile-optimized.

    2. A billboard that is optimized for mobile devices and could be shared on Facebook and Twitter, taking advantage of social media and viral capabilities of QR codes, but the mobile site did not capture any additional information from visitors, nor did it direct them to additional content.

    3. Good example is a tag barcode that links to a well-designed, easy to use mobile site that feature 6 different video clips of an automobile’s new features, along with a dealer locator link that displays contact information, and it can be shared with a friend.

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