Who Should you Target when Using Postcards

Three different markets that you can use postcards to target:

Use a postcard as economical ways to stay in touch with existing customers. They know you already. So you need not introduce yourself and your offer all over again. Blend self-mailing units into a continuity program to save money. Use postcards as elements in a lead-generation series. They are a low-cost way to create a “show of hands” of prospects who would like additional information about your company.

Postcards are a great marketing tool, but remember there are limitations:

  • Consider postcards when your message is short. You don’t have to run off at the mouth to get your message across. Telegraph simple offers tersely with a self-mailer or postcard. Invest in a self-mailer when an expected low response rules out an envelope package. Especially when your target market may be hard to reach. It may be your most economical way to test.

  • Self-mailers and postcards may make huge mail drops more economical. You may save money without denting response too badly.

  • Use cards and self-mailers with appropriate products only. A Rolls Royce deserves better treatment.

  • Make a bold presentation. A jumbo card catches eyes. The maximum size for letter rate is 6-1/8 x 11-1/2.

  • Design your mailer to be read from left to right, then from top to bottom.

  • Lay out your mailing to command quick attention and demand fast action.

  • Use color printing. If not, you look cheap. Not frugal. Cheap. Do you want that?

  • Copy is king. You must use strong copy with postcards.

  • Minimize the mailing panel area to just what is required. Refer to the various postcard story boards link.

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