10 Tested Ways to Cut Your Printing Costs

Pointers on how to save printing dollars without hurting the eye-appeal and response rates of your mailing packages:

  • Plan ahead and avoid costly last-minute changes Make a full-size paper dummy of every mailing. Make sure (don't laugh!) that:

    • All components are machine-insertable into the outer envelope. If in doubt, check your printer for allowable dimensions.

    • The outer-envelope window is large enough to qualify for the USPS barcoding discount.

    • The order form fits into the reply envelope.

    • You have a valid USPS reply-mail permit.

  • Schedule your project to eliminate last-minute-rush charges.

  • Ask for paper suggestions. We can often suggest alternative stocks and sizes that can save money, without overly messing with the design of your mailing piece.

  • Prepare artwork completely and correctly. Include all necessary files.

    • Don’t forget art, other live files.

    • Accompany files with a hard copy of what you think is on them.

    • Specify the names and versions of the software used to prepare your files.

    • At no cost to you, The Castle Press reviews your artwork for completeness using pre-flight software.

  • Avoid using bleeds—which require extra paper and cutting—if you can.

  • Keep your test-panel changes simple. Instead of printing prices or other variations in type that reverses out of a four-color area, for instance, use black or one PMS color with nothing behind it, or as a surprint.

  • Use standing dies. If we do not offer exactly the die you want, we may have one that’s close.

  • Combining pieces onto one press form makes printing faster, more economical.

  • Preprint package components—BRE’s you will mail again, for instance—when you can.

  • Use laser printers for continuous forms.

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