5 Tactics that can Boost your Direct Mail Results

Make your mailing personal

The first thing your recipient sees is his name on your envelope. So, Richard Siedlecki advises, type or print the address area or even write it in longhand. And, in your letter, make sure you speak to your reader as an individual not as just one among thousands. And use you instead of the stuffy, self-centered we as often as you can.

Use the strongest possible mailing lists

An accurately targeted mailing list can generate eight to 10 times the response of a poorly selected list. Good list selection alone, notes Siedlecki, can raise your response rate by as much as 60%. And start with a list of your current clients and prospects your best bet for new business (55% of professional firms neglect to do so).

Follow an effective mailing schedule

Mail to your most profitable clients (the 20% that generate 80% of your revenues) at least six times a year. Mail to your second-tier clients (the 50% that call on your services monthly or quarterly) three or four times yearly. Mail to third-tier (occasional) clients at least twice a year. Offer new information (perhaps a free booklet) in every mailing. And remember to mail to inactive clients.

Benefits, benefits, benefits

Stress the most important benefit you offer to your reader up front. As many as 70% of mail recipients won’t read beyond the first page of your mailing if it doesn’t feature a big benefit framed by an offer they can’t refuse.

Two letters in one mailing

Siedlecki says that a California CPA firm tested including two letters in its mailing package. One, from the founder, reviewed the firm’s history, accomplishments, and special expertise. The second letter, from an account representative, presented two case histories of successful results. Tested against a one-letter package, the two-letter mailing pulled 21% more responses

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