Drilling/Die Cutting

Standard drilling is 3-hole, but size and position of holes can be customized

Standing dies can save you money

During the design process, show the print representative the possible design to determine if there is an existing die. If it is decided to use the standing die, $75 to $450 can be saved.

Presentation folders have a standard die with one 4-inch pocket

A standard presentation folder has 4-pages and a 4-inch flat pocket. Adding an additional pocket will increase costs by 57%. Having capacity pockets instead of flat pockets will increase cost by 63%.

Using a standing digital die line saves designer time by not having to create the file. Additional savings are realized because the dies are standing and do not have to be re-made.

Die cut designs that require special handling

Special handling is required on designs that have cut outs that are all out, and do not allow for nicks that will hold the cutting waste on the remaining sheet during the die cutting process. An example would be a circle in the middle of the page or sheet.

Another example would be die cut images that require a tight radius such as doing letters of the alphabet.

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