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A budget guide to economic, effective, green printing


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FSC® certification ensures paper has come from a sustainable source. The paper and forest products industry plants three trees for each one harvested which equates to planting 1.7 million trees every day. In the U.S., nearly 57 percent of all paper is recycled, recovered and reused to make new paper products. Direct mail accounts for about 2% of the total tonnage of the US municipal waste. 60 percent of the energy used to make paper in the U.S. comes from carbon-neutral renewable resources and is produced on site at mills. The average person’s paper use for a year, 440 pounds, is produced by 500 kilowatt hours of electricity – the same amount needed to power the average computer for one year. The U.S. Forest Service says that two-thirds of wood harvested for pulp and paper each year comes from relatively small, 50-acre, family-owned wood lots. Of the wood extracted from the world’s forests, 53% is used for energy production, 28% is used by sawmills, and 11% by the paper industry.


One of the beauties of print is you can take it with you and read it anywhere. Whether it is a 150-year old book or a 75-year old National Geographic, you are always able to access the information. You can easily adjust the position of the printed piece making it easy to see and use. Print is beautiful and you can touch and feel the message. You are able to control the visual image and it will not change once the ink is on the paper. People gravitate toward print, to make it believable the old saying is, “Put it in writing.” Mail is preferred. According to the USPS 2008 Household Diary Study, 49 percent usually read their advertising mail while an additional 30 percent scan the mail. Online consumers after receiving a printed catalog are twice as likely to make an online purchase. Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Center found that 67% of respondents like getting mail about new products from companies they do business with. U.S. advertisers spent $167 per person in direct mail marketing to earn $2095 worth of goods per person, scoring a return on investment of 13 to 1. Print drives a high ROI.

Additional items available

  • Postcards, with or without mailing

  • Brochures, with or without mailing

  • Booklets

  • CD and DVD duplication

  • California Secure Prescription Pads

  • Holiday Cards

  • Mailing Lists

  • Appeal Mailings

Castle Press offers you even more when planning, creating and following up of your next marketing campaign

Money saving ideas

  • Design, layout and creation of digital files

  • Image and digital file storage for easy customer online access to files.

  • Online collaborative soft proofing which will facilitate team members buy-in yet not add dates to the project.

  • Development and in-house execution of mailing campaigns that are effective and stress free.

  • Digital printing including personalization, and 1 to 1 marketing messages increase your response rates

  • Consultation with client to create the ideal piece and campaign that will be produced at the lowest possible cost.

  • Custom online ordering and fulfillment systems developed that will sell your products.

Sustainable Printing Goals and Methods of the Castle Press

Offset printing services which include the use of

  • Recycled and FSC® papers as house sheets

  • Computerized in-house ink mixing system to reduce ink waste.

  • All waste paper, ink and printing plates are recycled

  • All incoming electrical power is conditioned resulting in a 15% reduction in electrical power requirements

  • Zero manufacturing waste

  • Composting of organic waste

  • Lower air conditioning of power needs by using zone based units.

  • Low energy lighting

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