How to Make QR Technology Work for You

  • Think through the strategy first

  • What value or worthwhile experience are you going to deliver?

  • Make sure to optimize the experience for mobile phones

  • Content needs to tie in with print and branding

  • Don’t just go to a website, this will probably not add value

  • Provide instructions (such as “download a QR code reader available at and scan with your smartphone”). Don’t assume that everyone is going to get it with no instructions.

  • Make the process easy; don’t make them jump through too many hoops to learn about your product

  • Make it pay for itself (what do you expect to get)

  • Craft a campaign that is relevant and offers value, benefit and meaning to a consumer and a decent user experience

  • Use different codes for different media so you can track usage by media type.

  • What can a customer get out of a QR interaction (detailed product information, retail store locations, coupons, enter a contest, see a video, listen to an audio file, or make a purchase)

  • All of these different types of deliverables become methods by which a consumer can engage and interact with a brand

  • Is your goal acquisition of new customers, building loyalty, building brand awareness, giving instructions or what?

  • Think of this as another tool in your marketing channel just like emails, telemarketing, direct marketing, advertising, television, radio, banner ads, and social media. They all have a place at the marketing table. This is just a mobile phone tie in.

  • You can use a static QR code but change its destination site so it directs to different content every week or month.

  • How can advertisers expect to build a long term consumer adoption if codes are used and/or displayed on only a sporadic, or worse, one-time basis?

  • Like other forms of marketing test, refine, test and refine until the tactic or strategy delivers the desired results.

  • What’s the purpose, what’s the customer experience and what is the value we are delivering?

Test, Test, Test

  • QR size can make a difference, white space around a QR can make a difference -test for different readers and different phones, and complications with too many characters could make a difference.

  • Track and measure everything

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