Ivan Levison’s 6 Pointers on High-Result Self-Mailers

  • The self-mailer is a wonderful choice when you’re making no-brainer offers (which is why retailers often use them at sale times), “ Ivan Levison wrote in an issue of TM TIPLINE. If you are trying to generate leads, self-mailers can be giant winners, he advised.

  • Print your phone number or URL or both right on your mailer’s front cover. They cue the recipient to respond right away. And make it easy to do so.

  • Show your reader exactly what he or she is going to receive. Use a photograph of all the goodies you will send to every respondent.

  • Specify precisely who should respond to your offer. Never make your readers guess what you want them to do. For example, Levison says, you should write something like: “This FREE CD-ROM is perfect for teachers, staff, administrators, and anyone else who wants to see where Internet education is headed!”

  • Keep your self-mailer short and sweet. “There’s no reason to create a monster piece that’s hard to hold and read,” Levison says. Three decent-size panels plus a perforated tear-off business reply card—carrying preprinted information to make things easy—should do the trick, he counsels.

  • Make sure that your reply card sells your offer hard. Levison says that some readers skip immediately to the piece’s response card. So you should punch up your offer in detail there.


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