Direct Mail Packages


The basic direct mail package consists of the outer mailing envelope, a main offer (typically a letter), a call to action response card and a return envelope.

When designing your package, you must consider that the order of importance is as follows: the mailing list, which experts say can account for 40% of the potential success, your offer which is another 30%, and then the actual direct mail package which is the final 30%. You can improve your packages with the following:

  • Run your mail list of current customers through Castle Press’ Look-Alike profile. This profile determines the demographics of current customers. Use it as a guide to purchase a mailing list of new potential customers.

  • Improve your offer with personalization to your customer’s needs or desires. It is difficult to sell refrigerators to Eskimos, but there is a great market in hand-warmers.

  • Use tactics that encourage the opening of your mailing envelope: postage enhancements, envelope photos or teaser copy, or an enclosure in the envelope which would create a “lumpy” mailing are a few ideas.

Castle Press can provide you with methods of improving your mailing list, effective ways to present your offer and ideas to improve the effectiveness of your direct mail package.

If you would like additional information, please request a custom consulting session.