Variable Data is Digital Personalization

More Apt to Read Relevant Mail

And what makes what you receive in the mail relevant? Having your name and the name of your organization integrated into it.

personalized postcards

Castle Press Variable Data Printing is a state-of-the-art digital color press system that allows you to personalize every piece you print with whatever information you’d like. The most common use is to customize each piece in a direct mail program with the name of the person you’re mailing to. Using Castle Press variable data digital technology, you are able to zero-in on an individual with information of interest to them – and do it in a way that catches their attention.

Variable data allows for elements such as text and graphics to be changed from one piece to the next during the same print run - without interruption.

The results are amazing. People respond dramatically differently when they see their own name on something. More interest is generated and extra orders come in.

Keep in mind the difference between traditional Ink Jet Printing, which can personalize some of the content in a letter, and Variable Data Digital printing. Digital printing of this type allows for use of full color and large, inventive graphics that make a big impact.

Big Difference With Variable Data Personalization

Employing advanced Castle Press digital printing technology, an advertiser might - in a single print run - communicate an individual message, with individually targeted graphics that are specific to each person in the marketing database.

graphs showing effectiveness of variable data personalization

According to Personalized & Database Printing, an authoritative book by David Broudy and Professor Frank Romano, variable printing has resulted in a dramatic average direct mail increase.

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