New Mover Checklist

Here is a checklist of the options available when creating your new mover mailing list.

Target Area Options

  • Select ZIP Codes

  • Choose by City

  • Choose by County

  • Choose by State

  • Enter SCF Codes (up to 25) [first 3 digits of a zip code]

  • Total U.S.

  • Choose by Radius around an Address

  • Choose by Radius around a ZIP Code

  • Closest records to an Address

Demographic Options

  • All New Movers in the Last Desired Date Range

  • Median Income

  • Date of Publication

  • Dwelling Type

    • Single-Family

    • Multi-Family

  • Gender

    • Male

    • Female

    • Unknown


  • Suppress Prior Order

  • Suppress Uploaded File

  • Exclude Phone Numbers

  • Include Phone Numbers

  • Provide only Records with Phone Numbers

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