Who are we Mailing To?

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Forty percent of the success of any direct mail package is dependent upon the quality of the mailing list.

The post office delivers an average of 6.7 pieces of mail to your household every day. Which ones go into the trash and which are set aside for possible opening at a later date? The mail pieces you set aside share several characteristics:

  • They are from companies or organizations with which you have had a previous relationship.

  • The information on the envelope hints at a product or service that you may find useful.

  • The mailing package has an interesting look and feel which compels you to find out what is inside.

This is why the mailing list is so important. You don’t have enough previous relationships to guarantee that your mail will be opened. Nor enough money to create mailing packages which are compelling enough so that everyone will open your mailing.

You must mail strategically to people who have the need and ability to pay for your goods or services.

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