Kelly Fiedler’s 12 Ways to Make Personalized Direct Mail Pay Off

  • Avoid “Ready…Shoot…Aim”

  • Defining goals beforehand will let you quantify the value of personalization.

  • Build customer trust

  • Swap tangible benefits for customer information. Stress your privacy and opt-out policies.

  • Stay flexible

  • Minimize hard-coding of your personalization criteria.

  • Start small

  • Focus on a single personalization feature— cross-sales, for instance. Then build from there.

  • Respect customer preferences

  • If a customer opts out of personalized mail, obey.

  • Keep your database up to date

  • The state of the world changes continually. Your database should reflect it.

  • Analyze personalization value/costs

  • Test before rolling out

  • Never assume that personalization always pays for itself.

  • Boost your predictive ability

  • Constantly analyze cross-sales, customer value, attrition data and other factors.

  • Speed the process

  • Ask database vendors to keep you checked out on their systems to avoid bottlenecks.

  • Interact with customers fast

  • No customer owes you patience while your system fumbles with his order.

  • Observe trends

  • It’s the only way to know where your program is succeeding, or falling short.

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