Personalized QR Codes - The Potential Benefits

The potential benefits of a personalized QR code are:

  • A landing page with a “call to action” branded with your look, personally addressed to the customer.

  • Launch a survey/questionnaire/event

  • Provide instant ordering

  • Promote an easy way to contact sales staff, or a store at different location if your database is updated.

  • Detail features/offers on selected product, reinforcing reasons to purchase

  • Transmit special offer/add-on to buyers, one for customer and one for prospects

  • Gather/update and validate contact information, making it easy for the customer by having their data pre-filled and easy to upload to your corporate database.

  • Route response to appropriate sale person for immediate follow up

  • Reporting - a progress report can be viewed in your custom portal with a login and password provided

  • Achieve higher ROI than static direct mail

  • Provide an engaging and motivating customer experience at a low cost solution for your business

  • A thank you can be automatically sent when customer/prospect takes an action.

  • And if you have a rich data base you can:

    • Offer them a product you know they have bought before

    • Thank them for the last sale/donation of $50

    • Offer a coupon for something you know they buy

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