Saddle Stitching

saddle stitched booklet

Saddle Stitching refers to a very popular book binding method used for booklets, magazines, catalogs, calendars, and many other printed documents. In saddle stitching, the piece is held together with wire staples. A machine drives them through the folded crease from the outside where they are clinched between the centermost pages. A saddle-stitched printed piece lies almost flat when opened, a convenience for readers.

However, this method involves certain mechanical requirements. Saddle-stitched documents must be at least eight pages long and increase in length in four-page increments. Saddle stitching is a good choice for binding documents of up to 64-80 pages on 60# to 70# paper. Documents involving more pages, or thicker than 3/8", demand some other type of binding. If you have a PDF, you can place an order online for stitched booklets or stitched newsletters. If you would like design help, ask for a quote and consultation.

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