3 Reply-Envelope Tests Worth Adapting for your Direct Mailings

Move free-gift stickers to your reply envelope

Advantages: 1) A more personal-appearing, hence more effective sales letter 2) More space than the letter or the reply card allows for copy that promotes the desirability of the premium 3) A more-direct cue to the recipient to take action in the reply process.

Use a bangtail reply envelope

A bangtail envelope, with a long bottom flap folded outward from under the envelope sealing flap, lets the advertiser add a message—perhaps replacing a separate lift letter—on the reply envelope. Omaha Steaks, Target Marketing reports, uses the bottom flap of its reply envelope as its order form. Advantages: 1) It saves the cost of a separate order form 2) It presents the recipient with both response pieces as a single unit and makes ordering quick and easy.

Add a personal message to your reply envelope

Mail advertisers who invest in database-driven personalized packages—which have rocketed response rates by 500% more than mailings printed by non-personalized offset lithography—can print individual messages everywhere in their mailings, including on their reply envelopes.

Sure, a variable-data advertiser can print individual return-address corner cards on the reply envelope’s front. But don’t forget the back!

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