9 Tips from Ted Kikoler on Making Graphics Sell

Zoom in on the product

  • Use large-as-possible photos and illustrations

  • Crop them to cut away unnecessary material

  • Show the product in use—by a human being, if possible

Control eye flow

  • Most readers naturally shift their attention from dark to light areas, and from large to small objects

  • The eye focuses on things that look out of place

  • Use copy captions and call-outs with graphic elements

Use “handwritten” copy—but discretely

  • Script copy, unless overused, commands attention. Employ it to stress special thoughts or introduce long copy areas.

Break up large areas into smaller ones

  • To your reader, small copy or graphics areas look easy to digest

Use different graphics styles for different sections of your mailing

  • Otherwise, your reader may grow bored

Don’t strain for novelty

  • Use colors, layouts, and other design elements familiar to the reader

Use design appropriate to the product

  • Masculine products should look masculine, and vice versa

Hot colors produce hot responses

  • Use bright, hot colors (such as red) on your reply device

Keep your graphics simple

  • Make it easy for the eye to move from element to element

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