9 Ways to Cut your Printing Costs

offset printing

One or more of these production tactics can help your organization cut fat out of its printing budget — with no loss, or even gains, in advertising effectiveness:

Combine printing runs

If you are producing multiple versions on a four-color folder, running more than a single version of the same press sheet can save you perhaps $800 in make-ready charges and about $175 per plate change.

Use a fifth color in reverses

If your brochure design involves reversing copy — a headline, for instance —out of a four-color background, you might change that background to a fifth PMS color.

Your reversed copy, in that case, will affect only once plate, instead of four plates, which will more than offset the cost of changing your folder to five colors.

Piggy-back on a larger print run

If you are testing a format that costs a lot to produce in small quantities, ask your printer if you can run your job as a plate change in a bigger project.

Make economical size changes

A small size tweak in printing a job element often cuts costs dramatically. Consult your printer for his input.

Use your printer’s house paper

Paper stock often accounts for 50% of the cost of a printed piece. Besides slashing your expenses, employing your printer’s house stock can save lead time.

Affordable personalization

Variable printing, hinging on database information, can generate response lifts of 10% to 80% higher than one-size-fits-all offset printing. Usually, personalized copy more than pays for itself.

Aim for maximum postal discounts

Your printer can suggest ways a mailer can qualify for top U.S.P.S. discounts. And certainly should pass a complete paper dummy through the post office, which helps avoid surcharges that can add up to thousands of dollars.

Use bleeds judiciously

Designers love bleeds. And, often, bleed printing is functional and desirable. However, documents without bleeds can save you 3% to 6% on your printing costs.

When possible, use saddle-stitch binding

Saddle stitching in increments of four pages usually is the least costly binding method, besides speeding delivery time.

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