Business-to-Business Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to attract new customers and remind existing customers of your business. Your customers, like you, lead lives filled with distractions. Over time, many of them can forget about you. Being forgotten means lost sales. But a newsletter filled with interesting, helpful, cutting-edge information will be read and gives you presence even when you are not face-to- face with customers and prospects.

Many businesses neglect to maintain a continual presence in the minds — and on the shopping lists — of established buyers. That’s a costly mistake, when a newsletter can be a low-cost, potentially high-impact way to keep your relationship with standing accounts in force.

business-to-business newsletters

Publish a readable, attractive, economical newsletter four to six times a year. Remember, a newsletter draws customers to you. It reverses the usual situation, in which you are forced to find customers. It helps customers find you.

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