9 Advantages of Fundraising Mail Appeals

They are personal

Fundraising by mail lets you meet one-on-one with potential donors.
When at all possible, personalize your salutation, instead of writing the canned “Dear Reader” or “Dear Friend.”

They can be passed along

A mailed appeal can reach more than one donor, possibly doubling or tripling your connections.
Member-Get-New-Members efforts are especially rich sources of over-the-transom contributors.

They are better than shots in the dark

With printed mailings, you can test any and all offers, lists, creative approaches.

You can measure their return on advertising investment precisely

Direct-mail numbers are not fuzzy and do not lie.
Smart mailers pay almost worshipful attention to them.

They are fast

Mail fundraisers can be launched without months of planning. And start to pay off within days.

They build your customer base

Individuals provide up to 80% of the financial support of most nonprofits. A direct-mail program continually finds new supporters. And ongoing communications (via newsletters, for example) keep their involvement and gifts high.

They are convenient for donors

To respond with a gift, your donors do not need to be near a telephone or free at a certain day or time.

They let you identify individual hot buttons

A donor who gives to an appeal for hungry children, for example, probably will donate in the future to programs that help kids.
Direct-mail advertising helps you see what sort of ask strikes home with contributors. Which makes your appeals more effective at lower cost.

They tend to pull better than other kinds of appeals

Because of spam messages and prevalent Internet confidence games like phising expeditions, more and more people have grown reluctant to respond to e-mail appeals. And telephone cold calls turn off millions of people. A printed, signed mailing, on the other hand, is a proven confidence-builder.

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