California Security Prescription Pads

Castle Press is approved by the State of California to print Security Prescription Pads for licensed healthcare professionals prescribing controlled substances in California.

Online ordering for Rx pads is currently available at

Security features include solvent-reactive ink, reverse Rx, microprint lines, void pantograph, thermochromatic ink, California Security Prescription watermark on back, and batch and sequential numbering.

All prescription pads feature check boxes for refills.

Standard Security Prescription Pads are available in two sizes. Pocket pads are 4"x5" (shown at right) and desk pads are 3.33"x8".

The standard CA Security Rx Pads available online are designed to keep your cost down by using a standard form. But we also print fully custom security prescription forms. If your clinic or healthcare facility is interested in a unique prescription form, request a consultation.