4 Bob Bly Tips on Making Envelopes Pull

Marketing consultant Robert W. Bly offers four pointers on increasing the pulling power of outer envelopes

Choose your stamping wisely

Conventional marketing wisdom holds that the most response-stimulating postage media is an affixed stamp, followed in order by metered mail and, last, a preprinted indicia, Bly writes. Some marketers, he notes, report that commemoratives and other unusual stamps lift response. So may the tactic of using multiple low-denomination stamps instead of a single stamp.

First- or third-class postage?

Economics usually dictate third-class (Bulk) postage. But, Bly says, using first-class postage when advertising to select business markets may lift response enough to be profitable. The famous consultant Richard V. Benson insisted that response percentages to third-class and first-class mailings were about equal. However, he said, first-class won the toss when speed of response was critical.

Closed-face or window envelope?

A closed-face envelope looks like “real” personal or business mail. Window envelopes showing a reply device with the recipient’s name and address imprinted allow recipients to reply without the response-depressing chore of filling in their names, addresses, and other such information. The ideal solution – if affordable – may be to imprint addressing information on both the envelope and the reply device.

Flat or bulky envelopes?

Bly reports that the marketing manager of a nationally known non-profit organization tells him that all of his best-performing mailers have “heft.” They contain lightweight small objects such as a crucifix or a necklace. Other advertisers have obtained good results by including pencils, ballpoint pens, or plastic cards in outer envelopes. Bly recounts that a contractor mailed prospects a brick with his business card silk-screened on the top. When he followed up by phone, he began his sales call by saying, “I’m the guy who sent you the brick.” The tactic almost always worked.

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